The Best Ways to Spend Your Money Smarter

How often have you kicked yourself for a bad purchase, for money spent on goods that you never used? When we waste money, we are actually depriving yourself of enjoying something else that money could have both. But when you go through reviews like the honest nutrisystem review you will be able to decide if you need the product or not. But anyway, here are a few tips to get smart and spend money wisely.

  1. Use the rewards credit card for purchases: Rewards credit cards can be used to purchase your groceries and also sophisticated gadgets and every time you purchase something you earn points, miles, and even cash. Hence use this card for all purchases.
  2. Buy experiences: It is not necessary that everything you buy must be tangible and visible; you can buy experiences like those gained from traveling or gain enrichment from music or art class etc.
  3. The 48-hour rule: Give yourself 48 hours before you buy something that you fancy. Many times, you will realize either the value and go ahead and buy or the futility of the purchase and desist from spending money on it.
  4. Buy Refurbished: When you buy refurbished goods, you get products at less than half the original price. When you buy refurbished goods from a reputed dealer you can be sure of the quality of the product. similarly, you can sell any of your well loved but in good condition goods.
  5. Ask and you shall receive: Many online buyers are not aware of the fact that when prices fall retailers often adjust the price difference on the past purchases. You must ask the retailer for a refund if the price of an item falls within weeks of purchase. Just make sure you have the receipts and are watching the price constantly.
  6. Timing is essential: When you buy the goods of your choice will determine how much savings or how much expense you incur. For example, the end of the financial year always gets you better deals on electronic goods like TVs and computers. Similarly, you save a lot when you buy for suits in January or July.



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