Die schrecklicksten Surfunfälle 

Surfing is anything but an, especially perilous game. You are considerably more prone to a fatality on the expressway than while seeking after the enthusiasm of wave riding. Disaster strikes the tight-weave surfing network more frequently than we might want, and there exists a bunch of surf places where death is more probable than on the rest.

However, surfers run to these destructive waves. It’s the surge, the threat, and the sheer satisfaction one attains from facing the amazingly substantial heap of water that brings people returning for additional chances irrespective of the risks. The precautions to be taken are detailed out on surflagune.de for the new and inexperienced surfers.


It is situated in the Red Triangle at northern California, named likewise due to the quantity of incredible white sharks that appear in this zone. This is significantly more liable to slaughter a surfer with its gigantic, 20 or more foot waves than with the ocean animals.

A scary, super cold surf detect that breaks a long way from the shoreline, it has killed a portion of surfing’s proficient huge wave surfers. To be precise, the surfing network was shaken deeply when Mark Foo, the huge wave surfer’s life was taken away surfing here during 1994, and Sion Milosky, extraordinary compared to other enormous wave surfers of his age, died surfing these waves during 2011.

Puerto Escondido

This might be the main wave in the world that has killed numerous surfers. What’s more, it’s not simply accidental vacationers getting cleared off the shoreline as you know about at the rest of the Mexican shoreline towns, few inconceivably gifted surfers have passed away while going up against the waves found here.


It is situated on the northern shore of Oahu and is the most dangerous one on the planet. Amazingly ground-breaking waves hit yards from the beach on the rugged coral reef which consists of profound spikes and crevices.

Malik Joyeux – a proficient surfer from Tahiti, Joshua Nakata– an efficient bodyboarder, Jon Mozo–a well-known surfing photographer, Moto Watanabe – a pro surfer from Japan, etc are only some of the individuals whose lives were snapped off while going up against the hazardous waves in Pipeline.