New Dog Owners Guide: Tips, Tricks, and What to Buy

Pets are like kids.  Hence treat them with love and care.  Keep the following ready when you are welcoming your pet:

Bed:  Make a cozy space for the dog with a beautiful and comfortable bed.  It will help in those sweet snoozes and serve as right winter protection for your pet.

Collar:  A collar is a must for identifying your pet.  Ensure that the collar fits rightly and does not get caught on nearby articles and strangle your pet.

Fence: If you are letting your pet outside to play in the garden space, a fence is a must.  This will prevent your pet from jumping out and also help in blocking road-view.  So the pet stays away from bullying.  Read ‘wireless dog fence reviews’ for guidance on shopping a fence.

Chain/leash: Buy a strong chain/leash that facilitates to take the pet for a walk.

Anti-chew spray:  It has a bitter taste and hence you can spray on legs of furniture.

Toys for chewing:  Provide those toy bones for satisfying its chewing intentions.

Poop-bags:  Please be responsible for collecting and disposing of the waste of your pets so that neighbors are not annoyed.

Brush:  Buy a soft brush to comb the hair of the pet.

Ensure that all the immediate family members are present for welcoming the pet.  Do not be too fast as the pet may feel it as harsh.  Help in slowly getting familiar with your home.  Even if he is a little reluctant initially, that’s ok.  Everything will fall into place soon.

Ensure that the home atmosphere is safe and friendly for the pet.  Once he is accustomed you can train him to move in the allowed areas of your home.  Ensure he has outside view and does not get bored.  If he fears anything removes that object from the vicinity.

Use the above tips and have a happy home-life with your pet.

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Buying the Indestructible Dog Beds for Tough Chewers

The age doesn’t matter for a puppy or a dog that loves to chew and tear the beds apart. You may have collected so many of the beds just because he can’t resist chewing it. It seems like his favorite dish. Well, as every problem has a solution so does this bed chewing. Chew proof or indestructible beds have been launched in the market just for the dogs who love chewing.

Now, your dog would not be able to chew it apart no matter how hard he tries because of the indestructible material used in the manufacturing of every layer of the bed. The best chew proof dog beds are many, and you can choose as per the size, color, and its shape so your dog will love it.

Why Dogs Even Chew It?

It is not that they are hungry but chewing helps them feeling relaxed on their teeth. Puppies chew it because of their newborn teeth, and if dogs do it, then you can recognize it as their habit that won’t go off until you bring the chew proof bed.

So What Material Is Used In These Chew Proof Bags?

Well, the materials are different that can be used in a chew proof bags and the most common ones are here-

Ballistic Nylon

This material is the common one among the chew proof bags. What makes it chew proof is the lack of interest because dogs generally do not show their liking towards this material.


Another material is the canvas that is a chew proof thing. The reason is the same; a dog does not like chewing it much.


If you buy a bed made of denim material, the chances of munching it will be less.

Note: always look for some factors while buying the chew proof bed such as construction, warranty and price of course.

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