Top 10 Essentials For An At-Home Spa Day

Planning to relax and visit a spa to just breathe and let go of all the tensions surrounding you? Not everyone has the liberty or the time for such indulgences. When that is the case, the best way to pamper yourself is to arrange for a spa day at home. This will cost much lesser, can be done at a time of your convenience as you don’t have to book an appointment and you can personalize the entire experience in so many ways.

So, what can you do to have a spa day at home? Here are 10 essentials required to have a successful spa day at home:

  1. Products – What is a spa without the right products? Invest in some good products, both smell wise and quality wise. Though they may seem expensive when you buy if you sit and calculate you will notice these will last for a number of such spa sessions. You can opt for those available in the irestore product line
  2. Candles – Get good smelling candles to create the perfect ambiance
  3. Music – Soft music in the background to relax those nerves
  4. Masseuse – If needed, go that extra mile and book a masseuse who will come home and give you a good massage.
  5. Lights – Dim those lights to create the spa atmosphere that tends to relax you the minute you step in
  6. Water – Get a tabletop fountain to recreate the sound and visual of running water. most of the spas have running water to relax you
  7. Scrubs – Get a good scrub that suits your skin type. If possible invest in more than one, so that you have a variety to choose from the next time.
  8. Oil – No spa treatment is complete without some essential oils. Get an oil that is light and good smelling to leave you smelling pleasant for hours after your spa
  9. Packs – Easy to apply and peel off masks are available across the counter. These do the job but takes lesser time and effort
  10. Massager – Get a mini massager that you can use on your face and other parts of the body to recreate the spa massages

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