The Best Toys For Young Children By Age And Stage

Toys for young children need to be safe as well as age appropriate. Here is the list of toys as per the age of the child. Age appropriate toys at let the child learn and also help in its development process.

Birth -6 months

Children at this stage explore their hands and leg movements and also put things in their mouth. The toys that are age appropriate at this age include toys that are bright and colorful and that which makes noise. Look to buy books or toys that are musical and also that have bright pictures. Squeeze toys and toys that can be held and sucked are appropriate for this age.

7months -1 year

At this stage the child would like to do more complicated activities like rolling over, trying to sit, bouncing etc. Pretend to play toys like dolls, large block and toys with different textures can be introduced at this stage. Toys that can let the child crawl and push and pull toys are also recommended towards 1 year.

1 year old – 2 years old

At this stage, the child will learn to walk and stand. This is a good time to start reading to the children. Look to buy board books that the child will not tear off easily. You can also buy some blocks that are large and colorful. High-quality toys and figurines are also good to introduce at this stage.

2year-3 years

At this stage, you can introduce more blocks and puzzles. Also, introduce lots of picture books and short story books. Children take a keen interest in reading stories at this stage and thus it is a must to invest in books. You can also buy low climbers and pretend to play toys.

It is important that the toy that you select is also as per the interest of the child. Every child will have different growth and learning phases and thus the interest of the child should be considered.

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