Top 10 Essentials For An At-Home Spa Day

Planning to relax and visit a spa to just breathe and let go of all the tensions surrounding you? Not everyone has the liberty or the time for such indulgences. When that is the case, the best way to pamper yourself is to arrange for a spa day at home. This will cost much lesser, can be done at a time of your convenience as you don’t have to book an appointment and you can personalize the entire experience in so many ways.

So, what can you do to have a spa day at home? Here are 10 essentials required to have a successful spa day at home:

  1. Products – What is a spa without the right products? Invest in some good products, both smell wise and quality wise. Though they may seem expensive when you buy if you sit and calculate you will notice these will last for a number of such spa sessions. You can opt for those available in the irestore product line
  2. Candles – Get good smelling candles to create the perfect ambiance
  3. Music – Soft music in the background to relax those nerves
  4. Masseuse – If needed, go that extra mile and book a masseuse who will come home and give you a good massage.
  5. Lights – Dim those lights to create the spa atmosphere that tends to relax you the minute you step in
  6. Water – Get a tabletop fountain to recreate the sound and visual of running water. most of the spas have running water to relax you
  7. Scrubs – Get a good scrub that suits your skin type. If possible invest in more than one, so that you have a variety to choose from the next time.
  8. Oil – No spa treatment is complete without some essential oils. Get an oil that is light and good smelling to leave you smelling pleasant for hours after your spa
  9. Packs – Easy to apply and peel off masks are available across the counter. These do the job but takes lesser time and effort
  10. Massager – Get a mini massager that you can use on your face and other parts of the body to recreate the spa massages

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Top Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service

Pests are one of those issues around the house that does not just eat away at your belongings, but your peace of mind too. Having a pest control problem can escalate in a matter of days. Having a reliable pest control service to help you as and when you need is the best way to ensure your house and mind are safe from these pests at all times.

There are a number of pest control services Edinburgh has to offer its people. However, you need to select the best option available to you. Here are a few tips to help you select a good pest control service:


The first and foremost factor to consider before you hire any professional is to ensure they hold a valid license. This is important as pesticides are toxic and not using the right variety the right way can put you and your family in danger. Ask the company to give their license details and get it cross-checked with your state authorities. Some companies may show you an expired license, to ensure the license is current and valid.


Next is the reputation of the company. Despite having a valid license, not all companies are equally good. Ask around about the company to know how well reputed they are or if someone has had negative experiences with them. Look for reviews online or ask on an online forum about the company. First-hand experiences by customers like you are more reliable than a regular claim by the company itself.


Ensure you get a written estimate in the company’s letterhead or at least signed by the authorized personnel so that you have something to stand by once the work is done. When no estimates are discussed, you are setting yourself up to be taken for a ride once the work is done. With an estimate in hand, not only can you decide better but can also compare and contrast with other service providers.

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The Ultimate Age-by-Age Guide to Toys

Generally, the children are often filled with many toys which are educative toys as well as toys of no use by the parents.  Parenting is a beautiful skill which should be enjoyed and feel proud by the small innocent activities of their child which make them feel happy.  Introducing toys and choosing the right one is also a factor in parenting activities.  Parents are more concerned and cautious in this aspect since any mistake will not be tolerated in case of child rearing.  Starwalkkids is a famous platform designed especially to entertain the kids with the innovative learning technique.  This article will guide you to buy toys according to their age.

  • Age below 1 year:

Toys of making little noise like rattles, attractive dancing toys, soothing the gums which are made of non-toxic teether, colorful softballs, attractive and colorful small animals which are made up of non-toxic materials can be used.  Parents should ensure that these toys are made up of non-toxic materials in order to avoid the problem of choking.

  • Age between 1-3 years:

Clay modeling, animal toys, a car, a train truck, language and skill oriented picture puzzles, alphabet puzzles, numbers 1-10 puzzles can be purchased for the kids who are between the age of 1-3 years.  These types of toys help the child to think in a creative way and try to learn from what they are doing.

  • Age between 4-6 Years:

Many flash cards and puzzles of different concepts like animals, birds, flowers, and insects can be purchased.  You can also purchase building blocks; building train tracks can be purchased.  All these toys help in the development of creative thinking and imaginative skills of a child.

  • Age above 7 years:

Many gaming PlayStations, bicycle, craft activities, science kits can be purchased.  The age above 7 years requires more physical and mental activities to think and explore the new ideas.

  • Toys for Special Children:

Parents of a special child should be more concerned about choosing the toys for their kids.  It should support their child as well as meet the specific developmental process of the child.

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