10 Heart Winning Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

When it is time for your wife’s birthday, one can never seem to get the right gift for this special person. A read through Maurielle’s blog will tell you how confusing this can be.

Gifting Ideas

Here are 10 gifting ideas that are sure to impress her and win her heart:

  1. Flowers

Yes, they are clichéd but unless your woman has specifically told you he has allergies or is repulsed by the sight of some beautiful flowers, these will be received with open arms and hearts.

  1. Jewelry

This need not be a ring. It can be an earring, a neck piece, a brooch or even an anklet. Get something beautiful that reminds you of her and will suit her style.

  1. Tickets

Get tickets to her favorite show if it is coming up or to some movie that she has been talking about. This shows you heard her and made it a point to remember it.

  1. A Day Out

Plan the day and take her to her favorite places around your city. We tend to overlook a lot of places simply because they are there all the time.

  1. A Trip

If it is a special birthday or if you have the budget for it, you can plan a short trip to make the birthday special and memorable for years to come

  1. Spa

Book her a day in the spa with all that she likes. A day to pamper herself will never be frowned upon.

  1. Cook

A woman loves a man who can cook for her, and if its something out of the ordinary or something she specifically likes, it could be the best birthday gift.

  1. Dinner

A dinner date may be a regular thing for you. Take her somewhere special that you have never been to or a place she has been wanting to go to. Plan the dinner, surprise her with a cake and give her all the attention in the restaurant.

  1. Massage

If budget is a constraint and you don’t want to spend too much, give her a massage yourself. Learn a few techniques, set up the house to get the feel of a spa and let her relax and enjoy in your capable hands.

  1. DIY

Make something yourself. It can be a card, a mixtape, a showpiece she can proudly display at home, anything that you put in the time and effort to make just for her will definitely win her heart.

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